Assessment of Kids’Skills Report 2 cr

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Certificate for 5 credits

  • If you have acquired the online course Kids'Skills for Professionals for self-study and want a certificate for 5 credits, you need to pass the online tests of the course first and then apply the method in practice.
  • Once your collaboration with the child has reached the target, you should write a report about the process and then send it to Helena.
  • The assessment of your report together with online tests covers all together 5 credits. 
  • Here you can purchase the assessment of your report for € 75 (incl. VAT 24 %).

    The price of € 75 includes
  • assessment of your final report on a scale of 0 - 5 by Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute
  • after the final report has been accepted,  a certificate of the online course Kids'Skills for Professionals issued by Kids'Skills Academy and Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute will be emailed to the student

Send your report to Helena
 Kids'Skills Academy

Contact: Helena Lehtimäki   helena.lehtimaki at