Ben Furman: Kids’Skills for Professionals for self-study 3 cr

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What is Kids’Skills?

Kids’Skills is a practical educational method to help children overcome behavioral and emotional difficulties. The tool consists of 15 steps and it is founded on the principles of solution-focused psychology.

The method was developed by Dr Ben Furman in Finland. Dr Furman is a psychiatrist and internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused therapy and coaching.

Kid'Skills for Professionals 3 cr

Kids’Skills Academy offers you online training to learn about the Kids'Skills method both in theory and in practice. This video-based online course is addressed to

  • professionals in the field of childcare and education: teachers, kindergarten teachers, special education teachers, counsellors, headmasters, therapists, students etc. 
  • parents who are interested in creative parenting and possible collaboration with professionals applying Kids'Skills method

In this course you will learn

  • The basics of the Kids’Skills method
  • The 15 steps of Kids’Skills
  • How to apply the method to help children overcome their problems and difficulties

What you get

  • 51 lessons with videos and chat forum
  • 6 learning diaries
  • 1 quiz, 1 essay test
  • 12 month access to all materials

Assessment of Kids'Skills Report 2 cr

After the online course you can apply the Kids'Skills method in practice and have your report assessed by Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.  Purchase the assessment here

The Assessment process

  • Apply the Kids'Skills method with one child
  • Then write a report about the process.
  • Send the report to helena.lehtimaki at
  • The report will be assessed by Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute / Dr Ben Furman 
  • Then you will receive a certificate for 5 credits

Finally, you can register as a certified Kids'Skills Coach here 

What is Kids’Skills Academy?

Kids’Skills Academy is an online training platform maintained jointly by Oppimaa Ltd. and Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute. The Academy is dedicated to spreading information about the Kids’Skills method and other solution-focused methods used in working with families and children.

Contact: Helena Lehtimäki, Producer
helena.lehtimaki at Oppimaa Ltd, Helsinki, Finland

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