Ben Furman: Kids’Skills for Professionals 3 cr

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Transform your workplace into a joyful space.

Kids’Skills Academy offers you online training to learn about the Kids'Skills method both in theory and in practice. This video-based online course is addressed to professionals in the field of childcare and education: teachers, kindergarten teachers, special education teachers, counsellors, headmasters, therapists, students etc. 

This course covers the complete 15-step Kids'Skills process, suitable for both professionals and dedicated parents.

The ”Kids'Skills for Professionals with Dr. Ben Furman” package Includes:

Instant access to 51 lessons with easy video instructions. (Valued at 199€)

  • Kids'Skills can address a wide range of challenges students may face, including behavioral issues, emotional struggles, communication difficulties, social interactions, anxiety, self-esteem concerns, and more. 

Learn practical tips and exercises only known by certified Kids'Skills coaches. (Valued at 400€)

  • We have easy-to-follow videos packed with professional techniques.

Receive resources previously available only in professional workbooks. (Valued at 129,90€)

  • We took the secrets from the workbooks and made the information easily digestible.

Join the Kids'Skills Chat Forum for support.

  • Get insights from all of the professionals who've used these techniques and achieved great results.

Get 12-month access.

  • Study at your own pace, without feeling rushed. 

Those resources, which amount to a value of 728.90€, can now be acquired for just 99€!

Happy Studying!

Word-of-mouth is important. Don't forget to share this method with friends when they notice the transformation. 

For any practical question, please, contact Helena via Contact Course Teacher. You find the link at the top of the page.