Ben Furman: Kids’Skills for Professionals for self-study 3 cr

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What is Kids’Skills?

Kids’Skills is a simple and practical method for helping children overcome all kinds of behavioral and emotional difficulties. It consists of 15-step and is founded on the principles of solution-focused psychology.

Even though Kids’Skills was originally designed as an approach to working with children in the age range of 4 to 12, the method is actually useful for children of all ages, even adults.

In this course you will not only learn the 15 steps of the method and how to use them in practice but also where the method comes from, what principles it is based on and how to apply it in diverse settings.

For whom?

This course offers online training for professionals working in the field of education and childcare or studying these professions. The training courses are of interest to teachers, kindergarten teachers, special education teachers, headmasters, counselors, therapists, etc.


Ben_with-blue-backgoundYour teacher is Dr Ben Furman

Dr Furman is a psychiatrist and internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused therapy and coaching.  Together with his colleagues he has developed Kids’ Skills, a method that helps children overcome problems by learning skills.

What you will learn?

In this course you will learn

  • The basics of the Kids’Skills method
  • The 15 steps of Kids’Skills
  • How to apply the method to help children overcome their problems and difficulties

    Kids’Skills for Professionals 3 cr
    as self-study 99 €

    By purchasing this course for self-study you will get access to all course materials for 12 months introduced below – excluding coaching. You can study all lessons and take part in chat forum. Also, you can become familiar with tests and requirements for 5 study credits.

Kids’Skills for Professionals with Coaching 5 cr
99 € + 75 €

By purchasing this 3 cr course for 99 € and coaching for 2 credits separately for 75 € here
you will get the following

    • you study online about two months at your own speed
    • after the course you apply the method in practice for 2-3 months
    • then you write a report about the field work
    • you get  assistance by a certified Kids’Skills Coach online from start to end
    • 52 lessons on a playful and practical solution-focused method
    • 3 hours of video lectures with Dr Ben Furman
    • practical advice and exercises
    • chat discussions on interesting topics
    • supplementary reading
    • multiple choice tests and essay writing
    • guidance in writing a final report
    • assessment according to Finnish curriculum
    • Certificate of 5 academic credits issued by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute
    • 12 month access to all materials

Transferable academic credits

The course has been accepted to the curriculum of several institutions in higher education in Finland. Thus the academic credits may be eligible for transfer in other universities and educational institutions.

What is Kids’Skills Academy?

Kids’Skills Academy is an online training platform maintained jointly by Oppimaa Ltd. and Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute. The Academy is dedicated to spreading information about the Kids’Skills method and other solution-focused methods used in working with families and children.

Contact: Helena Lehtimäki, Producer
helena.lehtimaki at Oppimaa Ltd, Helsinki, Finland

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