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Transform Children’s
Behavioral Challenges

A Truly One-Of-A-Kind Approach

This approach is designed for:

  • professionals in the field of childcare and education: teachers, kindergarten teachers, special education teachers, counsellors, headmasters, therapists, students etc. 
  • parents who are interested in creative parenting

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, dealing with kids' problems can be tough.

Educators face growing classroom sizes and increasing behavioral and emotional challenges among students, overwhelmed by new technologies and bullying.

Parents, on the other hand, juggle the daily commute and numerous responsibilities, often burdened by guilt about not doing enough for their children.

Solve Problems with Ease

With it, you can address:

  • Behavioral issues like tantrums and dishonesty
  • Emotional struggles such as anxiety and low self-esteem
  • Excessive screen time and technology usage
  • School difficulties
  • Peer pressure and bullying
  • Challenges with sleeping
  • Eating problems

No more stress. Give children the tools they need for a brighter future.

Before diving into the details, let's meet Dr. Ben Furman.

Introducing Dr. Ben Furman

Dr. Ben Furman is a highly respected expert in the fields of child psychology and behavior development. He's been working in this field for a very long time and is known for helping families and children. Ben Furman is someone many people turn to for help. He's written multiple books and even hosted radio and TV shows, making him a big influence in his field.

Dr. Furman's innovative ideas came about because he got tired of the old ways of dealing with kids' problems. Instead of always trying to understand why children misbehave, he had a different idea. He thought, "What if we teach kids new skills to solve their problems?"

This idea clicked when he helped a boy who had trouble controlling his anger. Instead of diving into the reasons behind the anger, Dr. Furman taught the boy a skill to manage his feelings. And it worked! The boy felt more confident, and things got better. That's how he came up with the Kids'Skills method—a new way to help kids by teaching them useful skills to overcome their challenges.

The Kids’Skills Method

Kids’Skills is a practical educational method to help children overcome behavioral and emotional difficulties. The tool consists of 15 easy steps and it is founded on the principles of solution-focused psychology.

  • Kids'Skills is a global sensation, used in 30+ countries.
  • Books about it have been translated into 25+ languages.
  • 10,000s worldwide are using Kids'Skills today.
  • Studies confirm its effectiveness. 
  • Schools use it and see great results. 

Listen to what educators have to say about the Kids'Skills method in the video below.

In the video below, children from all over the world share their new skills.

Thoroughly Studied

Please type "Kids'Skills method" into Google Scholar, and you'll find many results showcasing the research that demonstrates its value as a beneficial tool for both parents and teachers.

Kids'Skills for Professionals 3 cr

Are you a professional in the field of childcare and education? Are you facing challenges with students' behavior, limited resources, and new technology? Join a growing movement of educators working to transform our workplaces into safe and supportive spaces. Together, we can make a difference for both teachers and students.

This course is for

  • teachers
  • kindergarten teachers
  • special education teachers
  • counsellors
  • headmasters
  • therapists
  • students

Kids'Skills for Parents

Parenthood can be overwhelming, but you're not alone in this tough journey! The daily grind can be exhausting, and the guilt of not doing enough is common. Are your kids dealing with challenges like behavior issues or emotional ups and downs? Don't worry, Kids'Skills is here to help.

Join a growing parent community that has found an easy way to handle these issues. It's important to fix kids' problems early so they don't become bigger challenges that affect their future. Together, we'll help our kids thrive!

This course is for

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • anyone who participates in raising children

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