Free Kids´Skills App

Kids´Skills App

A Free Tool for educators and parents

Mobile Manual

The Kids'Skills App is a tool for parents, teachers and all people who are involved in raising children. It's a mobile manual that gives you instructions of how to use Kids'Skills with diverse problems.

The app includes articles about all common children's problems. The articles are written to help you to think about what skill the child needs to learn in order to overcome that problem.

Inside the app you will also find many illustrative case examples and of course the complete instructions of the steps of Kids'Skills.

Where to get the app

Use your phone or tablet to go to Appstore if you have an Apple device or to Google Play if you have an Android device. Use any of the following words kidsskillsben furman, or kidsskills app to search for the Kids'Skills App. Once you have located it, download it to your device. The app is free, but a few adds will occasionally pop up that I hope you will not be too disturbed by.

The app is multilingual

At the time of writing this text the contents of the app is available in English, Finnish, German, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Hungarian and Arabic.

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