Talks with the child

We learn new ways to communicate with each other

Kids´Skills will teach you

  • how to talk to your child
  • how to communicate with your partner
  • how to create a positive atmosphere around everybody

Establishing rapport with the child

There are 15 steps in Kids'Skills, but before you can use Kids'Skills - or any other method for that matter - you need to prepare the ground and establish a good contact with the child and the adults who are concerned about the child. 

In therapeutic literature this important preparatory phase has been called, among other things, "building rapport" or "establishing a working alliance".

I have sometimes called this phase step 0 to make the point that it is a prerequisite for Kids'Skills to work.

Motivation to learn

Discussing the benefits of learning the skill

  • A child's motivation to learn a given skill is dependent on the extent to which the child believes that learning that skill will benefit him and his family.
  • The more benefits the child can see that there are of him learning the skill, the more motivated he will be to learn it.
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