Essay Test Quiz

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  1. 1. What in particular interests you in Kids’Skills?1
  2. 2. Give an example of ‘skilling” or converting problems into skills1

    Think about a bad habit you yourself have and try to figure out what skill you need to learn in order to overcome your gad habit. Note that a skill should never be stopping some undesirable behavior or getting rid of it. A skill is learning to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing.

  3. 3. Why it is considered crucial in KS that children decide how other people may remind them of their skill when they forget it?1
  4. 5. What are the benefits and what are the drawbacks of giving diagnoses to children?1
  5. 5. Can you use KS as such in other cultures? What steps, if any, would you change if you would introduce KS in another culture?1
  6. 6. There are several steps in Kids’Skills. Are they all motivated? Wouldn’t less steps work as well? What do you think?1
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