Ben Furman: Kids’Skills for Parents (self-study)

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Welcome to study Kids'Skills for Parents
with Dr Ben Furman

Dr Ben Furman is a psychiatrist and internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused therapy and coaching.  

Together with his colleagues he has developed Kids’Skills, a method that helps children overcome problems by learning skills with the support of their family and friends.

 Kids'Skills for Parents 

This course is aimed at

  • parents, grandparents, other family members...
  • anyone who participates in raising children. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to praise children?
  • How to get children to listen?
  • How to collaborate with other adults?
  • How to apply Kids'Skills?
  • How to find alternative to punishment?

What you get?

  • 42 video lessons on parenting
  • practical advice and exercises
  • chat discussions on useful topics
  • 12 month access to all materials

Your producer is Helena Lehtimäki

For any practical question, please, contact Helena via Contact Course Teacher. You find the link at the top of the page.

Kids’Skills for Parents is produced by Kids’Skills Academy in Finland

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Ben Furman: Let's start!