Ben Furman: Kids’Skills for Parents

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Instantly heal your family and
give your child a brighter future.

Dr Ben Furman is a psychiatrist and internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused therapy and coaching.  

Together with his colleagues he has developed Kids’Skills, a method that helps children overcome problems by learning skills with the support of their family and friends.

This course simplifies Kids'Skills into the 5 most important steps for parents to use effectively. 

If you're committed and interested in mastering the full 15-step Kids'Skills process, consider enrolling in the Kids'Skills for Professionals course.

The ”Kids'Skills for Parents with Dr. Ben Furman” package Includes:

Instant access to 42 video lessons with easy video instructions. (Valued at 99€)

  • Kids'Skills can address a wide range of challenges children may face, including behavioral issues, emotional struggles, communication difficulties, social interactions, anxiety, self-esteem concerns, and more.

Learn practical tips and exercises only known by certified Kids'Skills coaches. (Valued at 300€)

  • It's common for parents to feel guilty about not doing enough for their children. Stop feeling guilty. With our simple step-by-step guidance, you can see fast results.

Receive resources previously available only in professional workbooks. (Valued at 79,90€)

  • We took the secrets from the workbooks and made the information into easy-to-follow videos.

Join the Kids'Skills Chat Forum for support and insights.

  • Talk to all parents who've used these techniques and achieved great results. Parents make the best support network for each other.

Get 12-month access to study.

  • Parents often have limited spare time. With our approach, you can learn at your own pace and start using the techniques immediately, no waiting required.

Those resources, which amount to a value of 478.90€, can now be acquired for just 49€!

Happy Studying!

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