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Learning by Integrating
Theory and Practice

Kids’Skills Academy offers you online training to learn about the Kids'Skills method both in theory and in practice. 

For Parents

For Professionals

What is a certified
Kids´Skills Coach?

Kids'Skills is an 'open source' method meaning that anyone can use it with their own children or the children they work with. It is, however, also possible to become certified as a Kids’Skills coach in which case you can advertise that you offer Kids'Skills coaching for children or families.

To become a certified Kids'Skills Coach you need to participate in a Kids'Skills training program such as Kids´Skills for Professionals 3 cr.

After the online training you apply the method in practice with one child and write a report about the process. Dr Ben Furman will assess your report and you gain 2 credits.

Then you are qualified to apply for a certification. Instructions in course material.

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